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About VegEatAble

Fresh vegetables, including leeks, corn, eggplant, onions, and more

Welcome to my cookbook!

VegEatAble is all about fresh, flavorful, Mediterranean-inspired, easy-to-make vegetarian and vegan food. I’ve been vegetarian since I was a teenager, and I love the creative act of cooking. My favorite ingredients are vegetables, tofu, legumes, and lots of spices and fresh herbs. Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated, and vegetarian and vegan food doesn’t need to be bland.

This website started as a place for me to keep track of my own recipes and to be able to share them with friends. But why not share them with the world?

I’m currently in the process of bringing this website back, after many years of neglect. Please bear with me, and please check back often!

Cheers, and happy cooking!

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